Actionable Data and Measurable Results.

CAST Quality Control

Our dedicated Quality Control Team thoroughly reviews 100% of stores executed. Quality Control also verifies all reports of “manager refusal” to ensure accuracy and preventing fraudulent reporting.

Photo Proof

A picture says a thousand words. To CAST, it says "Accountability." We require our CAST members to provide photos of 100% of stores serviced. Every photo includes a visit form with a unique picture validation code and store number to prevent fraudulent reporting.

Key Performance Indicators

Make the right decisions on-time, every time. You need the right information to keep your organization on track, and KPIs are your first line of defense.  Quality control verifies that KPIs are executed on every visit. 

Visit Validation

CAST ensures that every project executed is verified with a store photo using an auto-generated unique picture validation code.


Visit Validation Code

Quality of Work

Quality control also measures every CAST member’s execution by two important standards; on-time delivery and quality of work.  It is typical for 20% of reported locations to require revisits at our expense before the final report is delivered to our clients.