National technical support.
National Support

CAST currently services in all 50 states including, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico with in-house employees. We offer both syndicated and dedicated programs.

Command & Control

Daily reporting and store visit validation are an integral part of our command and control process to ensure the highest level of performance and efficiency.

Issue - Resolution Teams

CAST currently provides chain specific, customized toll-free hotlines managed by Resolution Teams available 7 days a weeks.
Hours: 7:00am - 10:30pm EST.

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On-site hot-swap. CAST expert technical services team is able to get your downed-devices up and running quickly with on-site hot-swap installations.
Reporting Systems

CAST sophisticated reporting platform encompasses detailed analytics, store-specific device profiles, uptime tracking, device content & functionality compliance, service/repair trending analysis, with real-time reporting.

Proprietary Trouble-Shooting Application

CAST's proprietary UPTIMEā„¢ mobile application provides a saleable, structured and collaborative troubleshooting platform that supports real-time device status, trending, and cost effective repair and hot-swap. 83% of break-fix issues are currently addresses through first-line maintenance and repair services which saves our clients 75% of the cost of a typical technical service visit.

Maintenance & Support

CAST currently has in place a number of chain-wide retail technical service programs. As a result we are in a position to offer a national network of first-line technicians with extensive knowledge of interactive displays and in-store operations.

Ship-to-rep anywhere, anytime.

Shipping directly to our field employees, significantly reduces replacement of lost parts and products at store level, minimizes drop points and freight costs.

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