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Profiled Deployment

CAST operates under a simple operating principle; ‘competence is best achieved by sending the most qualified person to the store’. Instead of assigning the same person for every objective, we make the added effort to deploy the CAST Member with the right experience, the right skills, the right tools, and the best track record to represent your interest.

Certified Training

We work with our clients to develop training and certification programs that prepare us for success. We respect our CAST Members enough to arm them with the information and training they need to be winners.

Photo Verification

A picture says a thousand words but only one word to CAST, “accountability”.  CAST ensures that every project executed is photo verified.

Quality Control

CAST delivers superior results because we closely inspect every visit for on-time delivery and quality-of-work. Our state-of-the-art photo verification process allows us to inspect 100% of our visit reports. We inspect what you expect.

Retail Systems

CAST believes that the journey to successful execution is smoother when the client has a window-seat. From project set-up, to execution, to issue resolution, our proprietary retail systems provide open access and clear accountability.

Data & Analytics

CAST delivers actionable data and measurable results. While CAST analysts provide insights and recommendations to improve productivity and sales, our systems dashboard provides store-level score-carding, key performance indicator trending, and exportable data fields to support POS and channel analysis.

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About CAST

CAST is a shopper marketing agency, architecting the customer experience by delivering world-class EXECUTION and EXPERTISE. We see THE STORE as the best time and place to influence consumers and we know how to get the job done! This point-of-view, has led us to revolutionize disciplines like Retail Merchandising, and to invent solutions that deliver product information to shoppers at the speed-of-curiosity.
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